Mindful Positivity

If there is ever the need for motivation to make one’s self mindful, @TrainingMindful on Twitter is the place to turn to.

@TrainingMindful regularly provides positive quotes from notable, mindful figures. Such quotes are short yet powerful in reminding people of their personal worth and how mindfulness adds to a worthy feeling.

Below is a sample of Buddah quotes that promote love for one’s self to live a mindful life.

These lines let people know that mindfulness is key for living a fulfilled life. This mindfulness can only come from one’s own self, and not without respect and appreciation for the life one has.
@TrainingMindful also includes challenging quotes to remind its audience that a mindful life is not always attained so easily. Living mindfully forces people to examine the purpose of actions. While this may be tedious on a daily basis when communicating with others or making simple decisions involving different people, it must be done to  ensure, ultimately, only mindful action is taken. Additionally, @TrainingMindful acknowledges the hardship that is to be inevitably faced in life. Struggles are bound to appear on small or large scales, however it is up to the individual to either embrace such present or wallow in the negativity it brings. The former, of course, is preferred, and encourages a mindful lifestyle.
Occasionally checking in with @TrainingMindful is a useful tool when looking for an extra boost in staying mindful. Short quotes take almost no time to read, and are sure to provide a bit of motivation to upholding a mindful lifestyle.


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