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Unleash Your Inner Bob Ross: Coloring Meditation

Coloring Meditation

As host of the PBS show The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross had the ability soothe babies to sleep with his calm voice and effortless brush strokes.

If you haven’t experienced the tranquil aura of Bob Ross, check out the first episode of The Joy of Painting, where he gently guides you through simple steps to create a majestic picture of the woods. I can guarantee you’ll smile a few times throughout the half hour segment.

The benefits you walk away with from watching Bob Ross paint (happiness, positivity, mindfulness, imaginative creativity…) are similar to the benefits you walk away with from coloring. The activity reminiscent of childhood has been recognized as a relaxation technique, one that can distract one from stressful thoughts in order to stimulate a positive mindset. Coloring has also shown to increase communication between different areas of the brain.

Coloring as meditation goes back to ancient times. Traditionally, mandalas are used as patterns to color. Mandalas are circular shapes with no beginning or end made of elaborate shapes and designs that are open to being filled with beautiful colors. Using mandalas for an active coloring meditation provides a time to relax, create balance in the body’s energies, and enhance creativity and self-awareness. Below are pictures of a mandala I recently colored for a meditation:

Blank mandala

Coloring Meditation in Progress

Coloring meditation is a casual way to achieve mindfulness. Coloring is a fun activity that easily absorbs your full attention to filling in lines with attractive colors. There really is no wrong way to color, and it is done freely by the individual participant. As you color, take slow breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth. Relax as you focus on the mandala in front of you. Choose any coloring utensil you would like — crayons, pencils, markers, or even paint. Use your senses to become aware of your present surroundings: What sound does the marker make on the paper? How does the pencil feel as it moves across the design? How marvelous are the colors you were drawn to use? Enjoy the motions of the meditation!

The Finished Product!

Once you are finished coloring, meditate on what you have created. Appreciate your work, and remember to bring this mindful focus to your other methods of meditation.

At the end of this post are a few websites where you can find printable mandalas to color, or you can check out a site like Amazon that has a collection of mandala coloring books available to order.

As you proceed with your coloring meditation, remember the wise words of Bob Ross: “Believe that you can do it, because you can do it.”

Happy meditating!